Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction research, planning and evaluation stages?

In the construction, research and evaluation stages I used a large range and amount of media technologies.

Whilst researching I used Youtube and Vevo to watch music videos in the indie and acoustic genre allowing me to revise the styles, trends and conventions of this particular category also sparking ideas and inspiration for my music video to come. I found these platforms to be reliable and resourceful sites with an abundance of information and videos at hand. I then completed eight research posts which required me to screen-shot particular images from the music videos and create a detailed analysis on each I did this focusing on importance to narrative, use of camera angles and performance aspects.

I also used google to research artists information and details allowing accurate data and material. With this information collected I used Pages, Vimeo and WordPress to upload and record this research. Spotify allowed me to do further research into acoustic indie genre by discovering other artists in this category. All of these media technologies allowed me to discover less known artists and videos providing a more diverse collection of research.

I used my target audience interview to cast the actors/singers in my music video asking specific questions on aspects that I was thinking of exercising forcing a honest and natural answer from the interviewees. I did this using a Canon 70D and tripod, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, uploaded to my Vimeo and posted onto my WordPress blog. To organise filming I used social media such as snap chat and i messenger which was imperative to coordinate the laid back singer I casted and teenagers in my target audience interview.

I used my Canon 70D to interview my artist on the lyric meaning and edited this in Premiere Pro, uploading to Vimeo and then to my WordPress blog. Using my target audience interview and lyric interview I was able to then create a shot list.

I created a shot list to lay out my plans and ideas for each and used pages as it was a simplistic act that I was very aware of how to use and navigate through. I uploaded this to my WordPress blog.

To create my digipak I conducted a photoshoot in a professional studio using a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. I used two bowens Gemini-GM500 lights lighting the background with a 55cm soft box on each light and had one light on the figure, which was a GM250 with a profoto 150cm octobox to defuse the light. Then the backgrounds were held up  with manfrotto studio background hooks.

I used the softwares Photoshop, Indesign and Premier Pro as well as Wix, which I used to contract my artists website. When editing the photographs I altered their colouration, decreased the appearance of blemishes, cropped and experimented with different styles of font.

I retrieved my font style from a font downloading site called Da Font which gave me access to an abundance of styles for me to experiment with and find one most suitable for an acoustic indie album cover.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 03.28.50

I used wix.com to create a website for my artist that allowed me to edit it to be most appropriate fro my genre of music. It also gave me the ability to state the details of album purchasing or streaming, tour dates and merchandise available which I created. I was then able to link my artists social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 03.20.47

I filmed on a sunny day using my 70D Canon and my Canon EF 50mm Lens allowing a sharp image. I used a variety of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings depending on the different locations and lighting.

I downloaded the footage to my hard drive and edited on my MacBook Pro using Adobe Premiere Pro allowing access to specialist tools such as clip duration and pace, warp stabiliser and the ability to sync the filmed performance and transitioning of clips with the song and instrumental queues.

When filming I used a speaker and mobile phone to play the artist’s song from Sound Cloud to allow accurate timing when lip-syncing.

Lastly I used my WordPress blog to store and document my progress from my AS film introduction to now for my A2 music video. My laptop, hard drive and camera have been essential to this progress including the software installed on it such as Premiere Pro and Indesign. The ability to upload this progress to Vimeo and WordPress have been imperative acting in a journal type of recording facility. Also whilst creating these evaluation questions I used quick time to screen record my navigation of the computer and a microphone to narrate.


Evaluation Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Overall I believe that my music video, digipak and website work in an effective way of a combination, as each of these products share a modern design and aesthetic that both follows and strays from the conventions of the typical indie acoustic genre.

After researching previous artists and bands of the indie acoustic genre I discovered a pattern of artist websites and digipaks to correlate, for example Vance Joy’s reoccurring colours of red black and white and Ed Sheeran using the same font and correlating mathematical symbols displayed on his album covers.

After extensive research of indie acoustic artists I decided to abide by a colour scheme of mainly white and black creating a sharp look and experimented with red creating an edge and a bright colour to pop. I felt these colours would be appropriate because of the black and white converse that are featured throughout and the red created a contrasting colour to make certain elements stand out. For example on my website I use red to highlight certain words and buttons and this can be seen in my music video wear a black and white pair of converse appear with white and red socks. This can also be seen on merchandise I created carrying this colour theme of red white and black throughout. This creation of continuity allows my viewers to feel a relation from the website to the digipak and even to merchandise instilling recognition of the artist.

Using simple fonts allowed me to comply with the conventions of acoustic indie music where the performer is mainly focused on allowing a decrease in distraction and a minimalist type effect. I used the font Nixie One from the website DaFont, which game me a thin type writer styled font with little to no edges or point of attraction. Although he font was not aimed to be the centre of attention on my digipak I put it on a white background allowing it to go un missed and be noticeable.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 03.28.50

Additionally this recognition is emphasised by the images captured in the photoshoot for the digipak displayed on the welcome screen of my website and an image from the same shoot on the about page. I also did this by creating similar themed merchandise with this colour scheme and images from the shoot again so clear connections can be constructed between my various web-based ancillaries. There for the images from the photoshoot and colour scheme create the recognition of the artist.

Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop/ challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I chose to film a music video using a song from the Acoustic Indie genre, which I am very fond of and I believe it generally creates interesting narratives and music videos. In doing so I challenged and also followed the style of Acoustic Indie music videos and artists such as Vance Joy, Hozier and Mumford and sons using actors, locations, props, camera angles, narrative, performance, digipaks and websites.

When casting  for my music video I chose to follow the conventions of typical Acoustic Indie actors/performers by choosing a young male with long hair, edge and a laid back style similar to artists such as Hozier and Angus Stone. I decided to choose the young male who is in fact the artist of the song, Monty Taft. I did this as I thought the artist of the song would be able to sing and perform better rather than someone who would have to learn the music. This also meant he was able to play the guitar in time and perform in a meaningful and connected way toward his song. Monty also had a on trend look with the indie style that came naturally to him creating a perfect cast to suit the genre and culture of Acoustic Indie Music.

For the female actress playing the role of Monty’s girlfriend I decided to use his actual partner as I knew they would be able to act well with one another in a romantic way instead of using a woman unfamiliar to him. It allowed me to get completely raw non staged footage of the twos chemistry and connection. I followed the conventions of Acoustic Indie music by casting a female that fit into the genre with her edge and uniqueness shown by the female’s blue hair.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 02.29.25

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 02.38.27.png

I also followed the conventions of acoustic indie music by choosing to dress the two figures in casual outfits that would not distract the viewer or challenge any of these conventions. I dressed the female in a simple black hoodie and denim jeans. With the male I researched simple indie styles and found a stripy faded t shirt along with a simple jacket was most appropriate shown in  many acoustic indie video such as Hozier.

For the narrative I decided to locate the couple on the beach, sand dunes and, cliff paths. These outdoor locations provided a soft light that complimented the innocence of the song and created a lighthearted yet amorous atmosphere. These locations follow the conventions of Acoustic Indie shown by popular artists such as Mumford and Son’s Winter Winds, Kaleo’s All The Pretty Girls and Vance Joy’s Saturday sun.

I also filmed the couple in bed together cuddling as this creates comfort and shows love. This is important as the song is about the male reassuring the female that he will be back. It also slots in with the lyrics in the song “snuggle closer, into my shoulder”. It is an appropriate location that abide by the conventions of acoustic indie genre shown by The Lumineers Sleep On The Floor.

For the performance sections of the video I filmed the male inside with a soft light and lilac background that created appealing footage blending well with the lilac backdrop similar to the soft lighting in Hozier’s Work Song. I used this location as there are a lot of clips of narrative in this area and the idea of it being presented as apart of the narrative and then becoming a performance creates an element of surprise shown by the part where he looks up and sings unexpectedly.

In my video I did not use a lot of props as I did not want to distract the audiences attention form the couple, however in the beginning I did use photographs on a wall to establish the characters and and their relationship to state they are in fact a couple. I also added a clip of a pair of black converse shoes as I these can be recognised as an indie type style of fashion and created a divergence from the abundance of shots of the two characters conforming to the style of indie acoustic culture.

I used a range of camera shots, however in the beginning I used establishing shots to determine the locations of the performance and the characters. I also used close up shot do display detailed emotion as seen in The Lumineers sleep on the floor video following the conventions of acoustic indie videos.

An editing technique I have practised is transitioning each clip via the songs instrumental queues such as different guitar strings, notes and tapping of the actual wood its self. I did this to created a flow and smoothness of the shots.

When creating a digipack I believe I both conformed and developed the conventions of acoustic indie music. I conformed to said conventions by photographing my singer on a stool holding flowers in different ways dressed in casual clothes that gave off an indie style such as black converse. However I developed these conventions by doing the shoot in a professional studio with a white background. This gave off a very bright, sharp and clean effect that is different to the mainstream acoustic indie digipaks. I had not seen any digipaks similar to this and upon research I found no resembling artwork. By choosing a simple font I did not decrease the cleanness of the photographs and followed a convention of acoustic indie digipaks such as Imagine Dragon Night Vision album and Matt Morris’s Kodaline. However I did decrease the size of the title whereas in most digipaks the title is big as it is sized to be emphasised, where as i feel the photograph is more significant than his name or album title, therefor developing the digipak conventions of acoustic indie.

834A5230.2 copy.jpg

With my website I feel I have abided by the conventions of the acoustic indie genre by creating a simplistic page with black and white theme throughout shown by real media products such as Kaleo, Seafret and George Ezra,’s pages. Furthermore i added a red theme to create an edge to the page and pop of colour very similar to Vance Joy’s website.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 03.20.47Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 03.20.56

Overall I believe I have mainly abided by the conventions of typic aspects and features of the acoustic indie genre.

1st Draft


After reviewing  I know that some areas will need tweaking, sharpening and I would like to adjust the colouration.