Change of Song

I have decided to change my song to ‘Bloom’ by Monty Taft as I think my new idea would be more practical and turn out better. It is an ideal option as I am friends with the Arist. I am excited to attempt my new idea which will be to film Monty with multiple interesting film effects such as hyper slow motion and  changing backgrounds.





1 minute lipsync

We were given 20 minutes to produce a 1 minute performance of the song Undercover by Zara Larson. We went down the parody route as we thought a more comical route would be more effective.


Actors, Props and Locations

Actors :

For my actors I will be using teenagers as those are the most accessible and fit the age of hobbies well. I will be using a male for basketball and females for the dancer and student.

For example above is shown the actors from Macklemore’s ‘Wings’ video and The Script’s ‘Hall Of Fame’.


Props :


One prop used for all three characters will be an alarm clock for early an start for their dedicated routine. The basket baller and dancer will use footwear at the start when getting ready to go where as the student will use a pencil case and maybe glasses. The basket baller will of course have a ball, which will feature in almost every scene of his and posters in his room of favourite basket ballers. Caffeine drinks will be drunk by the student on multiple occasions and books in hand in every shot.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.23.15.png

Analysis Digipack 4


Lumineers: Cleopatra

This CD has a dark colour scheme of grey and black contrasting with the white figure of Cleopatra. This of course is due to the song title. Its a simple cover of the girl in front of a rough wall. What I like about this cover is there are two layers, one sliding out from the other one. The front cover shows the Egyptian woman, however her face is on the cover below revealing her wearing a modern black dress. It shows the contrast of modernity and the Egyptian era.

The aesthetics are pleasing and fit well with the bands website which involve the same colour scheme.

On the black it displays the bands songs on a simple black background.  What I like is that they refer to the sides not as 1 and 2, but as I and II adding to that old effect with numerals.